We all have greatness inside of us. Sometimes circumstances get in the way but often the only thing getting in the way of our greatness is ourselves. Self-imposed limitations. The path of expressing your greatness can be a lonely one. Moments of inspiration from a meeting, a speech, a book or an event. But it can be hard in between. You question yourself. Others might question you. Am I really that great? Is there something wrong with me? Is overcoming the many obstacles worth it? Why is this so hard sometimes?..

But you know the truth.What if the limits weren't there? What if your life was limitless? What would be possible for you? You know that you have special skills and talents that need to be shared with the world. How do you sustain and nourish this path? We believe that the key elements are: a supportive and inspiring peer group, coaching support, high quality mentoring and the ability to contribute. That's why we created "Limitless". For you. For the greatest version of you and for the impact that you will have on the world. Come and join us. We want and need you in this community. The world needs the limitless you.

This is for you if...

  • You love to grow and learn.
  • You love to have a fun group.
  • You want to mix with the best.
  • You want the best coaches and experts in your peer group.
  • You like to do those things from the comfort of your own home.
  • You have something you would like to share as a speaker, coach or as an expert.
  • You want to be the difference today.


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    Connect with an incredible peer group that will inspire you and support your journey.

  • Members-Only Content

    The very latest mindset content from the creator of “Limitless”: Rich Waterman. Plus the latest content from our community experts.

  • Live Group Masterminds

    Fortnightly live group masterminding sessions. Share what you are working on. What do you need help with? How can you help the community?

  • Community Projects

    Work with us to “Be The Difference Today”. Can you contribute resources, time or expertise? Do you have your own project that we can help you with?

  • Contribute Your Expertise

    A platform for you to showcase your expertise and learn from other experts, speakers and coaches. We nurture and promote your GREATNESS.

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    Interact easily with your fellow “Limitless” members. New friendships? New business opportunities?

  • Live Expert Shows

    Live shows from our resident experts. High quality content from high integrity experts. The best in the business.

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    Did you miss a live session? No problem. We have them all recorded.


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Message from the founder of "Limitless" - Rich Waterman.

This is why I created “Limitless”.

After studying Biology at Oxford University, I became an investment banker because I didn’t know what else to do. I was a millionaire at 31, stressed out and very unhappy and in 2001 I went through a messy divorce. I quit a job that I hated and went looking for answers.

What was my life about?

Why was I on this planet?

In 2005 I was even more miserable, I went through another relationship breakup and was still looking for fulfillment. Something had to change. In 2006 I made a decision that changed my life.

I went to “Unleash The Power Within” – a Tony Robbins event. I went there to sort myself out but I got what I really needed: my purpose. My purpose was to help others to discover, develop and deliver their greatness.

I was inspired. I knew that fulfillment lay on this path.

Like many others I found it hard on occasion to keep that inspiration going and to trust that this was the right path. A few key things that Tony Robbins said stuck with me: the importance of peer group, having a coach that can see the things that you can’t see and following a few trusted mentors that have walked the path you want to walk.

I was fortunate to have the money to invest in quality coaching and quality mentors. I stayed in the Robbins environment and created a high quality peer group. It wasn’t always easy but I persisted and became an NLP trainer and eventually a trainer for Robbins Research International, which was a dream of mine since 2006.

Increasingly I was able to spend time following my passion of coaching and in 2011 I also realised my dream of becoming an international speaker. I invested $25,000 in high quality speaker mentoring and it paid off. I know that many people don’t have the money to do that. I was fortunate to have that choice.

Even then I know how hard it is to keep going, how hard it can be to find a platform to express your talents of speaking and coaching. I see many people out there who are incredibly talented and who desperately want to serve others but who don’t have a platform to express those talents. That’s why I created “Limitless”.

I’ll be honest and say I partly created “Limitless” for me – to build an even stronger peer group, to learn from and be coached by experts. I crave that development, that inspiration.

But my mission in life is to serve others: Above all I created “Limitless” for you:

To discover, develop and deliver your greatness.

So you can be supported as a servant leader, no matter where you are on that journey. Whether you are looking for that spark of inspiration or you are on that journey to expressing your greatness but finding it hard sometimes or whether you are successful in your field and want to give something back.

“Limitless” is for the greatest version of you.

If this resonated with you I need you in this community. Together we can be the difference today.


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